The Cowboys are possible to make use of franchise tag on Dak Prescott | Get Up

Mike Greenberg, Emmanuel Acho, Jeremy Fowler and Greg McElroy talk about how QB Dak Prescott ought to method contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys forward of NFL free company.
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  1. Look straight up he’s got stats but that doesn’t necessarily equal to playoff wins or even getting to a super bowl I just don’t think he’s the one guys and lol I’m not even a cowboys fan but I want you guys win haha

  2. The exclusive tag is $33 m, then $40 m then $57 m fully guaranteed.

    The non-exlusive tag is $27 m and the Cowboys will not use it because teams will easily pay $30 m to get Dak and give up 2 first rd picks.

    It doesn't matter if Dak is a top 5 player or not. He's guaranteed $36.5 m pa fully guaranteed because the Cowboys NEED him and can't let him walk.

    Dak needs to refuse to sign to force the Cowboys to trade him with the non-exclusive tag.

    JJ only wants Dak as a GAME MANAGER for a Zeke focused offense ,,,, not an elite pocket passer running the offence.

    Dak needs to get to the Patriots or Colts and finally get great coaching to be an elite pocket passing QB..

  3. Some of these analyst act as though Dak is a great QB which he is not. There is no way the Cowboys should franchise Dak or offer him more than $3 million, he's below average at beat. Trade up and draft Tua then allow Dak to be a free agent. He has not won a big game in his career, cant even lead a team with a great offensive line and running back to a touchdown in big games. Waste of money signing Dak long term, and will never win a playoff game with him.

  4. Money changes people .The real Dak is greedy . He doesn't care if what he's demanding will tie the hands of the front office in the future to pay other key players or acquire them in FA
    Look at how Goff and Wentz fleeced their teams . And Dak hasn't even taken the Cowboys to an NFC title game

  5. I really like Dak as a person. He has a good attitude. He's a physical guy. He had the best rookie season of any QB of all time. Last season he showed to be slow to get things going in the first half, which cost him. We had a terrible terrible kicker last season. I think Dak could win a super bowl, but there are some interesting options out there. Franchise taga should just be taken out of the system.

  6. The fact that "there is no reason to assume to he (Dak) can redo that season" is why the Cowboys are hesitant to pay him what he's asking. You can't find a GM, coach, or analyst willing to say Dak Prescott is a top 5 QB in this league, or even top 7…so demanding to be paid like a top 2 is irrational

  7. The Franchise tag will prove my belief that Jerry doesn't think Dak can carry this team without Zeke. When Zeke runs they win, when he doesn't they lose. Look at the stats. When Dak has had to throw 30+ passes a game they are 18-22. What more evidence do you need.

  8. It so stupid how people say he shouldnt sign if they offer franchise that would be stupid cause if he doesnt sign it then he wouldnt be able to ever hit free agency. He is req 2 tags and then u can move on,. If you refuse to sign them you dont play and he stays dallas player till he signs them unless they trade him or due like pittsburgh did to bell and basically release him.

  9. Obviously no other teams are beating his door down and Jerry knows it. Twice he resigned Romo early because he didn't want him to test the market. It's like he's daring Dak to test the market. At the end of the day, Jerry holds all the cards because he signs the checks.

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