Scottie Pippen reacts to LeBron calling himself GOAT: 'You possibly can't say you're the best' | The Bounce

Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Scottie Pippen of The Bounce talk about Boston Celtics president and common supervisor Danny Ainge evaluating Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James to President Donald Trump for LeBron’s feedback about being the GOAT. Pippen, who performed with Michael Jordan (usually thought-about the best in NBA historical past) on the Chicago Bulls, reacts to LeBron’s feedback, which had been made on the E+ present Extra Than An Athlete.

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  1. LeBron misses 2019 NBA Finals and TV ratings in North America go UP 4%. Jordan retires after 2nd repeat and tv ratings for 1999 NBA Finals cut nearly in half and have never fully recovered. Most viewers watching LeBron in 2018 NBA Finals? 18 million. Most viewers watching MJ in 1998 NBA Finals? 36 million. Give ESPN a choice of bringing a young MJ or LeBron back into the league, and they want MJ. More than 15 years out of the league, and MJ still pulls down more endorsements than LeBron. The public knows who the GOAT is.

  2. You all don't understand what lebron stated. That is his own opinion and what he felt during that championship at Cleveland he never said that in all occasions and all aspect. You'll just keep hating and don't appreciate from what he done on and most especially off the court.

  3. LeBron doesn't even know why he has a problem with Trump because Trump has done a whole hell of a lot more for the black community than LeBron has. It's just stupid. And HE WILL NEVER BE JORDAN. PLAN AND SIMPLE.

  4. Lived through both.. LeBron is a great player … BUT! There's no comparison. Mj was a killer, a dominator, and monster that no one could stop. I hatttttedddddddddddd!!! Mj.. lol but the truth is he sits alone at the mountain top. Mj can't be seen by no one..

  5. There’s nothing wrong thinking your great cause that’s what made n got these ppl
    To the top n you’ve got to have that attitude n determination etc.

    But leave it to others to say how gd you are but over 70% say MJ is the best plus all x players n current players say it also plus commentators n journalists etc.

  6. You can only be the best of your era. The 90’s have been overly glorified because of the lack of technology vs today. Today, every big moment is analyzed 50 times by the end of the week. In the 90’s there wasn’t the same level of overexposure, so certain moments were allowed to be legendary. And some of the realities, like Jordan being 4” taller than almost everybody who guarded him & the court really being condensed to mid range jumpers, are allowed to be forgotten. Jordan hand checking 6’ 4” point guards, reaching for steals, then switching or getting bailed out by Pippen, Rodman & others is a thing that isn’t talked about nearly enough, because there wasn’t the same type of media coverage/analysis back then. Some of Jordan’s greatness is due to good timing. There will never be another MJ, because the level of access/social media/ over analysis / analytics won’t allow there to be. So Jordan gets to live as a legend, & everything Bron does is watered down by technology. Let’s be real Scottie, MJ might not ever said he was GOAT, but he acted like he was in every way, and you know he thought he was. Let’s not re-write history like MJ was humbly/quietly going about his job of being the best he could be. Smh

  7. Amin shut up, Ainge was on a radio show and was asked his opinion. You're acting like he up and called the Associated Press, changed the topic they were on and dropped that comment. Nothing but a clucking bobblehead on brons nuts

  8. Lmao the first guy is literally bitching because Danny ainge compared lebron to trump Lmaoo dude this is fucking clown world comparing a player to the president is outrageous? Like wtf lmao dude was saying hat as if trump is some bonafide racist lmao anybody who can tell me one thing trump has said that’s racist and documented half decently.

  9. ESPN being social justice retards once again and Scottie is really the only intelligent person sitting there and also the only one with balls because everyone is hanging on Baby Brpn Brons nuts like some nappy headed ho…. btw MJ has never called himself the greatest of all time…..this just continues to confirm just how insecure Baby Bron Bron is, he's a giant and talented pussy that complains about how he needs playmakers when he's had them, the myth Lebron makes the players around him better is a fuckin joke, anyone with two braincells to rub together or isn't riding his dick knows this to be true…..fuck ESPN and fuck Baby Bron Bron the playoff missing bitch who bitches about everything as he tries to tell us how "great" he is……he's more insecure to the point of cringe than A Rod was and i'm a Yankees fan so thats pretty low lmao.

  10. Scottie comment is great and right. LBJ does not respect to the players in the past. MJ really refuses to say he is the greatest player because he does not have chance to play with the great players in the past. This is the difference.
    Great or not is not only based on the figure. Who is real leader?who is selfish player? I think we all know that.

  11. These guys seem to forget that basketball is a team sport that individuals affect, but it is the team that wins. Yes, a great player helps the team more than a mediocre player, but it is the team that wins. Would the Bulls have won as much without Scottie and Dennis? The Raptors beat the Warriors by 20 points without Kahwi at Oracle. I get tired of hearing that great players are the team, they are an important part of the team. Now that we have a multitude of "Dynamic Duos" it will be interesting to see which of them has the right team to support them

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