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Sportfanzone offers complete and comprehensive representation, using a boutique approach allowing us to use our International cross-cultural experience in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa and our many years of combined experience to ensure that each client receives the attention they need in order to provide them with the opportunities to succeed.

Our job is to include but not limited to building your brand and maximizing your revenue, and we work to provide guidance in all areas of the professional lifestyle in order to best protect your interests.

Sports Fan Zone represents athletes and coaches, organizations, governments and communities in a wide range of professional sports including baseball, basketball, football, and soccer, E-sports. Additionally, we represent and manage sports communities, venues, and events.

As a member of our family, you gain the benefits of an entire team of business and legal experts who have your professional, as well as your personal, needs in mind. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you to develop a strategic plan specifically for you or your community/Organization and venue

Our extensive network enables us to explore and develop new and innovative strategies because we know that each athlete, project, organization etc. is unique, with individual needs, and there is no universal plan. That’s why we offer a flexible program that can help you excel throughout your entire vision.


Sportfanzone offers complete and comprehensive representation, using a boutique approach allowing us to use our International cross-cultural experiences in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and Africa and our many years of combined experience to ensure that each client receives the attention they need in order to provide them with the opportunities to succeed.


SFZ (Sportfanzone) is consolidating itself in the sports marketplace as one of the premier contract negotiators. Our management team uses extensive preparation, research, and planning to generate maximum compensation for our clients.


SFZ offers it’s expertise in advising and consulting to individual athletes and their families on their options, both professionally, no matter what sport they participate in. SFZ also provide these same services for companies, organizations governments and tournaments.


SFZ will provide comprehensive and individualized marketing goals for its clients, assessing the client’s current brand and implementing a strategic marketing plan to grow the brand name recognition and to increase social media presence servicing the PR, brand marketing, crisis management, personal and business needs of high-profile clients.


We recognize that each athlete/client is unique, with individual needs, and our extensive network allows us to explore and develop new and innovative training strategies for clients in all sports.


SFZ will encourage and assist its clients in organizing, participating in charitable and socially conscious activities, including foundation development, event and fund raising planning and implementation and other charitable endeavors. As modern media and entertainment evolve, the line between sports and celebrity continues to disappear. SFZ at the forefront of this growth and change in the industry and provides our clients with the tools to maximize their position in the public eye.


In today’s sports world earning potential is limited to a relatively short period of time. As a result, SFZ encourages and facilitates the strategic planning of post-career activities. In the same light post event management of facilities is one of our specialties.  Our continual PR and marketing strategy is imperative to building and maintaining a foundation for events/ career and post-career relevance and sustainability. Adding the fresh approach and detailed attention of SFZ allows clients to take full advantage of the career enrichment that can be attained through marketing, public relations, social media, and philanthropy.


SFZ provides necessary assistance to clients in identifying financial professionals who work with the clients and their families to work towards their individual financial goals.


SFZ’s legal teams are experts in Contract Law including Domestic and International contracts. Our team includes multiple attorneys based in North America, Africa, Asia and Europe

SFZ Management provides hands-on sports marketing services ranging from the most complex of marketing, publicity, social media, personal branding, crisis management and event PR. From crisis management for professional athletes to customized PR services, we specialize in the development and execution of personalized strategies in the following key areas:

  1. Sports Marketing
  2. Endorsements
  3. Publicity
  4. Event PR
  5. Foundation PR
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Business Management
  8. Social Media Strategy, Execution & Maintenance
  9. Brand Development
  10. Marketing and Endorsement Opportunities
  11. Social Media Strategy
  12. Content Development
  13. Public Relations
  14. Speaking Engagements
  15. Memorabilia and Trading Card Deals
  16. Sports Event/Venue Security

With years of experience building some of the industry’s most successful athlete brands, SFZ’s marketing team develops strategic marketing plans that best elevate each client’s brand to meet their individual interests and goals. At the core of this process is a commitment to helping our athletes tell their stories in the most authentic way possible.

By strategically aligning our clients with industry-leading brands through traditional, digital and equity-driven endorsement deals, we are able to create lasting athlete-brand partnerships that drive meaningful results. From consumer advertising and appearances, to memorabilia and trading card deals, SFZ has created a consistent and successful approach for how our clients connect with the brands and communities that matter most to them.

At the backbone of growing our client’s endorsement portfolio is our belief that successful athlete brands are driven by engaging content that drives conversation. That is why we support our clients with social media strategy, digital content projects and by identifying PR opportunities that build deeper connections with their audience.

Each of our clients has a personal brand that is unique to that athlete and we are committed to helping them maximize that platform over the course of their career and beyond.



SFZ has a vast network of partners/organizations/companies that span sports, entertainment, film and television, music, modeling, security and live events and venues. Through our collaboration with these partners, we provide elevated opportunities and partnerships to our clients.

Sports Venue Management

Special events are a staple of large sports venues. They enable owners and operators to generate revenue via promotions and organizing/managing events in such venue.

Promotions can turn what would otherwise be a weekday game into a money maker. Big events including musical groups, famous comedians, and shows filled with special effects can draw sell-out crowds. These events may also bolster the reputation of a stadium or arena as a major stopping point for performers. This has become increasingly important as the competition for acts grows.

The task of producing these shows has grown more complex, mandating an ability to coordinate many different tasks. Knowing who or what to schedule requires a keen knowledge of not only what’s trending culturally but what will attract audiences. Discounts and giveaways may work better one day than another. Some entertainers may draw better than others depending on where they appear and at what time of year.

In the past, operators and owners relied on precedent and judgment—their own and the coordinators who are more involved in daily decisions—to make decisions about what shows would work best. They weighed such information as sales and expense figures.

But an increasing number of operators are turning to predictive data analytics to help them do their jobs better. Predictive data analytics can provide clear, quick information about audience demographics, their buying preferences, and a range of other factors that can directly or indirectly determine the success of an event.

Such tools can help pinpoint what entertainment to schedule and when. They may also help venues determine a range of operational details, including the different types of employees needed at particular events and the food, beverages, and merchandise that are likely to sell well.

Several venue owners and operators have implemented cloud-based technologies to slice and dice data on ticket sales as well as revenue from merchandise, food, and parking. The system looks at historical experience but also incorporates current events like the weather and possible transportation gridlock.

Employing proprietary algorithms embedded within its predictive modeling system, SFZ compares data on all these factors to allocate its resources. It has become much better at predicting consumer behavior, including how ticket holders travel to the stadium.-

The data analyzed is detailed and precise.

By defining ways to better understand customer preferences, the company has been better able to serve those needs, driving more revenue with less inventory and personnel costs.

We are a full service management outlet, providing comprehensive services to the venues we are involved with.  We are one of the few operators in the industry that provides everything necessary to run a venue.  We book the entertainment, we have our own food & beverage department, we own a ticketing platform, we produce events with our event production team, we have a full service marketing department, and we sell sponsorships.

Specifically, we execute the following:

Maximize facility usage with efficient and sustainable mix of events

Establish and maintain relationships with major touring companies and show promoters

Produce and create shows, trade shows and special events

Negotiate contracts with promoters, manage sporting events, and sell sponsorships

Manage, market and operate sports teams as well as building tenants

Understand the profitability of events and maximize the bottom line based on our experience in managing public facilities

Market our venues through a variety of relationships and target the appropriate media for each event

Provide risk management to maintain safety while minimizing liability

Strive to maximize revenue and economic impact while minimizing the expense and liability of our venues


Sports Management

In addition to managing the relationships of our sports tenants, We have the expertise in a wide variety of disciplines and can offer services to our sports tenants. This full service approach results in success both on and off the playing field, mutually beneficial relationships with the team and an entertaining fan experience.  We provide strategic assessment and execution that keeps sporting events a major part of our entertainment offering and sporting fans happy with the diversity they are offered.


Food & Beverage

We operate a full service concession and catering department that works with our local and international partners and agents, to offer the best services in this area.  In addition to providing food & beverage service to the events at our venues, we can provide food service to outlying venues and outdoor events. This is a vital part of our venue management service.  We can prepare/provide something like breakfast, lunch or dinner. We can at the same time provide food and beverage for luxury suite owners during the concert. We can also host a Packers tailgate party or do business lunches, wedding receptions, and banquets for all sizes.  The Catering is another example of what makes  us unique in this industry in sports venue management.




SFZ provides a full service ticketing opportunity that we confident our clients would be fully happy with.  SFZ can sells tickets for leading venues, teams and events. Due to the diversity of events it sells, our ticketing services are an arrow head within Africa as a leading online destination for sports and entertainment.  We are committed to technology, customer analysis and a service-oriented front line staff.  That allows us to maximize sales and further increase our ability to take risk and elevate the level of entertainment we offer the community.


Consumer Events & Production

As mentioned before, we not only host events, we create them too!  Our team of seasoned event producers has the expertise to develop and produce a wide variety of consumer/trade shows, outdoor festivals and more.



Another thing that makes us unique is our full service marketing department. Our entrepreneurial approach offers fully integrated marketing plans, public relations, media buying, digital/social media, graphic design, web design and sales tracking for any event and its audience.



Booking and promoting family shows, sporting events and concerts, tournaments.  Outside our own staff man power, we have extensive contacts with agents, managers and promoters in the industry.  We have proven success in maximizing event calendars.  Many times we are the promoter and take sole risk on a concert to make sure it comes to one of our venues.



We have a dedicated sponsorship sales staff.  Our team can secures hundreds of thousands of dollars for naming rights, venue premium seating, and signs, broadcasting rights and event sponsorships annually. We use our platforms and networks/ other partners to market the product/service to over several millions people a yearly.  In addition, because the events at the complex are so diverse, clients would have the unique ability to segment their messaging based on the event, helping increase the return on investment of their sponsorship dollars.


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