Michael Vick opens up about his time in jail and canine preventing | Extremely Questionable

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  1. The man the myth the legend Michael Vick. It’s nice to see someone so humbled by life. I loved watching you play man you were unlike anything I have ever seen or still seen. I wish you the best g and hope to see a gold jacket on you one day.

  2. No one should buy his book, he doesn't deserve to profit from his evil. Even if he learned and changed he still deserves to suffer the way he hurt hundreds maybe thousands of animals. People who could do what he did are horrible people who should be ostracized by all other people. Shame he didn't get his ass kicked every day in prison.

  3. Hey Vic, you don't deserve forgiveness for what you did. I am not holding a grudge, I am holding you responsible for your horrendous actions and inhumanity. Nothing I have seen from interviews shows any real remorse for or understanding of how horrible what you did was. Shame on you, you money grubbing bastard.

  4. Haha you Vick sympathizers….Oh no was he in a cell? So fucking sad..scary is you finally realised you maybe did wrong? So you abused other beings and said meh? I really did nothing wrong…take it up your ass your are a human piece of gargage….facts are this was YOUR residence and you should go back to your hovel in the corner…Mc D's? What did your dogs get? An electrical wire a jack hammer to the head? Eat it Mike V…Your due justice will cometh your way…I forgive you for being a slow mother fucker

  5. Man Vick is still one of the most talented I have ever seen.
    To go to jail for dog fighting is a JOKE. Shouldn't even be a crime, should just have fined him.
    Would Tom Brady have gone to jail for dog fighting? I DOUBT IT.

  6. Vick critics are hypocrites, they probably fuck dogs & hate people b/c they participate in beastiality. Like he said, he wasn't convicted of dog fighting, which still happens & is older than Vick, but what about all those so called friends & family members who were involved in the enterprise? Traitor ass bitches!!!

  7. Why the fuck do you support this man. Have you seen and heard what he actually did to the dogs? He electrocuted them, beated them, watered them down, and starved them. Famous people like these should not have fans or people who look up to them. And if you support him then you are almost as cruel as himself.

  8. What the hell is wrong with people,, Vick was a multimillionaire, did not need the money, but still chose to operate a large scale dog fighting ring for profit,,,,, they would get innocent dogs from kennels and steal family pets from back yards to use as sparring partners for the vicious pit bull fighters , these dogs would die horrible deaths, the fighting dogs that didn’t perform well were often tortured and killed by Vick and his crew , now if you don’t understand how disgusting and brutal this is, your a waste of oxygen, the only thing Vick is sorry about is that he got caught,,, he should have got twenty years, to me he’s a horrible person,,,, it was great to see the NFL prop him back up again when he served his short sentence ,

  9. Vick didn’t make a mistake, he knew exactly what he was doing, Did he turn around one day and say , oh my god what have I done, I’ve started a gigantic dog fighting ring, why are all these wonderful people betting on which dog will be torn to shreds and die first, what a big mistake, bullshit

  10. Typical media shill sympathizers, feeling sorry for Vick,, what about all the tortured and murdered dogs, what about the kennel dogs the family dogs stolen and brutally mauled to death,,,, this shit is the reason I hate MSM

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