Michael Jordan getting 73% of NBA gamers' GOAT vote is 'hilarious' – Max Kellerman | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman assess the latest GOAT vote by present NBA gamers. Max and Stephen A. agree Michael Jordan obtained too many votes whereas Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, LeBron James and Larry Hen might have gotten snubbed.

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  1. fuck that…its mj kobe bird/magic kareem and tim…lebron cant hold a candle against bird at SF….its all about the clutch boys…who is better in the clutch is the better player periob !

  2. These guys have to stop bringing up the points that kareem scored. He scored that much cause he played for 2 decades. If we r gonna do total points. That’s dumb.. just like in baseball home runs. Total home rims means nothing. It’s how many per year.. what was Kareems points per game. That’s the stat.. not total. Plus.. stats as in personal stats r meaningless. It’s what the team requires of the player. Anyone can score.

  3. Kareem played 20 seasons, MJ played 15
    If MJ played 5 more seasons averaging his ppg avg, assuming he plays all 82 games without playoffs his total career points would be 44,592. Which would be a significant amount more than Kareem’s 38,387. Just a thought

  4. Won't call Bird trash but he had referee help alot. The Celtics been very dusty, very shady outcomes. Detroit thank you for getting then outta here. MJ/Ginobili that's whose gonna get the end of game ball possession all else fall back

  5. 73% who the fuck thinks MJ is not the GOAT. 27% is way too high. Unless that 27% think wilt or kareem is greater. This pure bullshit. The youth is being brainwashed. Well, Hitler did say u tell a lie long enough people will start to believe it as fact. As for shaq. that fat fuck got swept 3 times. He was getting his ass kicked by all the old heads in the 90s in the playoffs. Got swept by hakeem, Jordan, and lost 8-1 in the playoffs against the unathletic jazz.

  6. Not to sound racist but bird is overlooked is becuz he a white….(coming from a black man)….bird was a shooter n a better passer then lebitch..Lebitch shouldn't even b considered the goat at all…If he stayed b Cleveland n not play with other SuperStars to when a Championship then I can say ok he the truth…Lebitch whole career he played with SuperStars .

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