Kobe checks each field over Kawhi up so far of their careers – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says Kobe Bryant is healthier than Kawhi Leonard underneath stress as a result of he handled harder circumstances than Leonard within the early levels of their respective NBA careers.
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  1. Kawhi is this unbelievable defender all of sudden now too. LOL Marc Gasol recently won DPOY, is he an all time great defender now too?
    You guys have no clue about basketball. Go watch Dwight Howard in his prime. Ben Wallace in his prime. Defense is all about Blocks and Rebounds guys. Perimeter players can only guard 1 guy at a time. Centers can cover the entire paint and their own man.

  2. Kobe is overrated as HELL. He wasn’t even the best player on his team for 3 of his finals. And 2-2 In the finals without shaq. Kobe was a subpar passer and rebounded. And has one of the worst FG percentages out of any star. But he’s good cause we yell ”Kobe” every time we shoot trash in the garbage.

  3. From my own personal point of view, Kawhi is an All-Star tier player at most as of now. He's pretty good defensively but that's about it. 2018-2019 Finals is so arguable due to how many injuries GSW suffered during that series. But he's still young, many more seasons for him to prove himself but as of now? still too early for all these discussion.

  4. Kobe and Kawhi are both equally good defencive players, Kawhi wasnt carried by a top 2 center of all time to win a champ, Kawhi is eqully good at scoring, equally clutch. So im saying that Kawhi is a better player AND he is only 27 I think

  5. I am not a KD fan at all…but if KD was healthy the Warriors would have won that title (even without Klay) and Kawhi…SDSU Aztec like I…would not be so showered with such
    praise about now. People would be talking KD and Kobe, not Kawhi.

  6. SAS has had some bad takes but he still is a basketball genius compared to will and max. anyone saying kawhi is a better player than kobe has watched all the basketball they’ve ever seen last season

  7. Lmao at all the kobe retards in these comments none of you have stats or any valid reasons to believe that kobe is better at the age of 27 than kawhi all of you just make blanket statements like "kobe the greatest!'.. But have 0 stats or facts to back up your assanine statements.

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