How to not take a Panenka penalty

As Manchester City‘s Sergio Aguero has recently learned to his cost, the “Panenka” penalty is a curious self-discipline, with the closely unstable ratio between danger, reward and mock barely making them price anyone’s whereas.

If you happen to’re pondering, what’s it? Then the person himself can clarify. Antonin Panenka, the Czechoslovakia participant who famously launched the world to the Panenka chip on the Euros in 1976 informed ESPN’s Gab Marcotti back in 2016: “I began my run-up at a slight angle from the left, to make the keeper assume I used to be going to kick the ball proper, so to the keeper’s left. With a run-up like that, 90% of penalties go proper so the keeper has to dive, and all I did was chip it gently down the center.”

Mainly, it is soccer’s reply to getting punked. And it could actually end up worse than you possibly can think about, particularly if the Premier League title is on the road.

If you happen to should try them beneath immense stress, we strongly advocate you learn via our cautionary (although not solely foolproof) information. In any case, there is just one Sergio Ramos.

1. Do not forget to hit the goal

This actually ought to be thought-about absolutely the primary requirement for all penalty takers, however particularly if you’re going for the chipped end.

2. Do not get distracted

The wily goalkeeper may attempt to distract you with all method of unique dances and rythmic gyrations (at 00:30). Keep centered.

3. Do not make it too apparent

Attempt to not make the truth that you are making ready to attempt a Panenka obviously apparent to all people within the stadium from the second you begin your run-up.

4. Do not overdo it on the backspin

Bear in mind to strike the ball with sufficient energy to really attain the purpose line.

5. Do not fall over

It is essential that you simply stay in an upright place whereas executing your Panenka. Failure to take action might be disastrous.

6. Do not be a goalkeeper

Certainly not ought to anybody carrying massive gloves try to attain a Panenka. Nothing good can ever come of it (at 1:00 mark).

7. Do not try one when Ibra is watching you

Maybe most necessary of all, do not make the error of trying a Panenka whereas Zlatan Ibrahimovic is peering menacingly over your shoulder.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo: Real Madrid vs. Copenhagen, Dec. 11, 2013

“He makes no try to deceive the keeper, not along with his eyes, not along with his physique language. And he hits the ball approach too onerous.”

2. Neymar: Santos vs. Vitoria, Copa do Brasil final, July 27, 2010

“His run up is just too straight, run down the center. Plus, he did not present the goalkeeper to a aspect in any respect. That is terrible.

3. Andrea Pirlo, AC Milan vs. Barcelona, Gamper Trophy, Aug 25, 2010

“I do not assume he practiced this earlier than. His run up is just too brief, I feel he did not take this too significantly. … I am glad he discovered although and obtained it proper just a few years later.”


1. Sebastian Abreu, Uruguay vs. Ghana, World Cup, Jul. 2, 2010

“He kicked it rather well — he had a protracted run-up and it is necessary that he paused his foot whereas kicking. That’s precisely it: I run fairly aggressively, quick, and within the final second I pause my leg a bit. I maintain my nerves longer than the goalkeeper. Plus, it makes the kick sluggish and helps you chip the ball higher.

2. Juan Roman Riquelme, Mexico vs. Argentina, Copa America, Jul. 12, 2007

“The goalkeeper tried to make him nervous, that could be very disagreeable. That is all concerning the run-up. It is excellent and makes as much as the truth that possibly the ball flew too straight. He actually had the keeper fooled.”

3. Andrea Pirlo, Italy vs. England, European Championships, Jun. 24, 2012

“He clearly discovered his lesson from his different one. Concentrated, very sluggish run up, I might have been quicker, however very effectively taken.”

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