Dissecting Kyrie Irving's feedback: Did he disrespect two teammates? Was he appropriate? | The Soar

Rachel Nichols, Richard Jefferson and Tracy McGrady react to Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving saying the staff’s wants are “evident” in a postgame press convention, and debate whether or not he disrespected his teammates — two of them particularly — when he name-checked Kevin Durant and others however left them out. They then (4:48) react to the most recent Japanese Convention NBA All-Star Sport voting numbers, and whether or not Atlanta Hawks guard Trae Younger deserves to start out.
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  1. should trade kyrie for a guy who can actually lead a team. having 2 soft players who r supposed to lead ur team (aka kyrie and KD)??? not gonna work very well. they need jordan to keep this team together.

  2. “You don’t wanna just win you wanna dominate” RJ does realise that the cavs team were the underdogs and yes it’s crazy they came back 3-1 but did they dominate that whole series? Obviously not because otherwise they would’ve won as many games as the warriors and wouldn’t have gone down 3-1 to begin with.

  3. Nobody knows what KD will be like after a severe injury. To expect him to be near the same level like the two previous years is a bit crazy. I agree with Richard and Rachel. Even when KD is back, the Nets may still be 1 or 2 pieces away for becoming a contender team in the East. Being a 7th or 8th seat in the East is easy. But to be in the Top 4 seats in the East is just as tough as the Western Conference. Bucks, Raptors, Celtics, 76ers and even Heat and Pacers are all getting better. Plus, Kyrie and KD are all isolation players who need the ball… so it would be interesting to see how they co-exist.

  4. RJ: "You don't just want to win a championship you want to dominate."

    Skip Bayless: "Spoken like a man who's played with the ultimate finger-pointing blame deflecting drama king. Mocking Voice You're telling me 'the king' needs more help?!"

    Sir Charles Barkley: "Don't nobody wanna compete anymore"

    Everyone else: How many All Stars is he tryna play with?

  5. Tracy needs to understand there not trying to COMPETE for a ring they want a landslide decision, at the end of the day i would take a healthy clippers/lakers over a healthy Nets and apparently Kyrie would too, people are trying to garauntee a 4 or 5 game sweep to a ring in the off season nowadays none of these guys want to worry about "i think we can take them in 7".

    I know it sounds wild, and its probably Blasphemous to Tracey's ears but if you dont do it the other team will.

    and to be clear i would prefer 6-7 game hard fought series for rings not this 4 game sweeps or 5 game gentlemen sweeps people are trying to make happen, but it is what it is, if Giannis gets kicked out the playoffs again and/or doesnt see any improvement from his team (or himself) this year in the playoffs, dont rule out Giannis, Harden, Westbrook team up or Giannis, Curry, Klay. beiing the "nice guy" who wants to build it from scratch doesnt always pay off.

  6. A lot of Kyrie's outrageous statements echo LeBron's from their years on the Cavs. I remember LeBron demanding more pieces in one of the years they were stacked. I think Kyrie has always connected chaos with success down the line because in the 'Land it led to a chip.

  7. Kyrie is not "smart", why do people think that? He believes the world is flat, dinosaur's didn't exist and proves he is not a good leader but yet to acknowledge that…doesn't sound "smart" to most.

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