Antonio Brown's antics would get most gamers kicked out of the NFL – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman take concern with Antonio Brown boasting about how he acquired his new cope with the Oakland Raiders and saying it should encourage different gamers.

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  1. This is all about the FACT that he got PAID, Period! Stop focusing on BEHAVIOR! He aint RAPED nobody! Can Ben say that???
    Every time a brotha gets paid, here comes the BS narrative. The real problem is, they now worried that others will follow in his path. F*ck 'em! Stop trying to screw over the brothas. F the steelers! They just lost the leagues best receiver & running back.

  2. SAS was on the money with that one. Max gave some insight as well. People bag on him for his examples but most of the complaints speak moreso to their lack of a frame of reference to understand the references/analogies than them not making sense.

  3. I love how people took AB's side without thinking what would happen if everyone in the NFL did things like he does. No one would watch. Would be so sloppy and stupid. Rules are there for a reason, players shouldn't get to call the shots when they are still under contract for 3 more seasons. The Steelers let him go for basically nothing bc AB was so toxic in his exit from the Steelers… how much of it was BS just to get a new contract?! Think long and hard if his behavior is helpful or toxic to the NFL. He's a great player but he is a selfish asshole that is Gary Busey crazy

  4. Did Brown NOT blaze the trail for NFL players to control their own do like NBA players? I think AB is correct, he showed that it is possible in the NFL to turn your stardom into leverage despite not having leverage with his contract (no guaranteed money left).

  5. Come on SAS you're really gonna pull the race card as the reason why the NFL and NBA have salary caps? Funny there was no mention of the NHL and their hard salary cap despite being predominately a white sport….

  6. Money . Money yea its about money ok.
    Given how mutch they get paid in the most violent sport . They dont make enough in my opinion. I love football
    And guess what im paying . For anything good and brown is worth every penny . And yea theres decent but great players who won a ring
    And are super elite . Are worth it .
    These clowns are crazy .. they deserve a pay cut.
    Ha ha.. ….

    THIS SHIT GOING….JUST IGNORE HIM…. Hes getting exactly what he
    wants… Continued TALKING about NIGGIE boy brown…. Hes paid, so good
    bad indifferent he doesn't care just as long as hes in the "NOW" of
    every sports media outlets…. JUST BLANKET block this topic…
    Seriously do you guys think this truly needed to continue to discuss….
    No one cares about this person…

  8. These reporters put themselves on a pedestal and give out their opinions on shit like it matters instead of reporting on an actual game. Give us trade rumors, injury updates, not fucken twitter beef. This ain't fucken tmz sports

  9. Give NFL players bigger contracts portion slotted for a 401k and their own personal retirement plan because the system the NFL is under is doomed to fail. A $5 Billion TV deal seem like a lot but under their current pension plan the league is under is doom day..God forbid TV ratings drop by next negotiations, there is a reason many businesses around the world have changed pension plans. Baseball’s has a TV deal that is average, but has 81 home games to create revenue in a 50K+ seats stadium…Basketball 41 home games in a smaller arena and a great TV deal with a 12 man roster flexible cap and going over the cap is not the players concern how deep the owner is willing to pay luxury tax. Football has 8 home games and has the best the TV deal of all sports but probably toughest league to run and a lot of moving parts because it is a physical sports. The NFL pensions plan is really hanging over them, after a player completes a 4th year players are eligible for the NFL pension play in different degree. I think the NFL needed that big TV contract because the more players are added to the pension list the bigger that bill on the pension side gets. The auto manufacturers learned the hard way…on the front side you have to keep making more and more money for the Medical issues and retirement in some cases like in the NFL that starts when farmer players are in their 20’s and then you have the lawsuits for concussions. As a current player your job is not to worry about what’s after football get your money now. The history of business when you have money sitting around slotted for a specific propose greed and mismanagement always come knocking sooner are later folks will start skimming from the pot.

  10. So let me get this straight here. Ben Roethlisberger escorts a pornstar to her hotel room per the request of Donald Trump, Robert Kraft gets caught at a happy ending spa, Ritchie Incognito gets recorded saying the N word, Adrien Peterson beats his kid until he has lacerations on his scrotum, but yet AB's antics would get most players kicked out of the NFL? If that ain't the most pathetic sentence that ever came out of his jackass mouth, I'd hate to hear what was

  11. Always bringing some b***** racist nonsense to the table. has nothing to do with race. Until you make it a racist thing jackass. Get off the race card it's been used way too f**** much. How the hell does this a**** keeps spewing out bulshit day after day is beyond me. stick the f**** football dick head. By the way the NBA and NFL are made up of white and Hispanics also.

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