Our cheering news today is that Abuja esport Association has singed memorandum of understanding MOU with a world class sports news and sports promotional media organization This great achievement is in line with the chairman of (AEA) desire to promote the game of esports. 6/O4/19 The Abuja Esports Association is the governing body of esports enthusiasts in Abuja. The Abuja Esports Association was founded in 2014 with 13 members and has been on the increase and today can boast of over one hundred accredited playing centers, with over six hundred active member in the Abuja Exports Association. The rise in the development of the game is as results of the leadership of AEA desire to promote and move the game to the next level. Esports like any other growing game in the developing world is face with the challenges of equipment (playstation) and lack of basic skills to fully embrace the game In Abuja Esports Association the lack of international endorsement from the international bodies is also a challenges that is hindering the rapid development of the game. One major achievement of the Abuja esport Association is to be fully reconciled and be affiliated to the international Esports Federation. This feat will soon start following the recognition of the Esports Association as one of the twenty eight sporting event in Abuja the nation’s the nation capital by the Federal Capital Territory Administration.The AEA is the body with the sole responsibility of organizing, promoting and creating awareness about the game of esports activities in Nigeria With its office in area 3 in the department of sports Federal Capital Territory. The video games which in the past was just for leisure has move to a more competitive and lucrative ventures for most young and old who know the game of esports The chairman of Abuja Exports Association, Mr. Agbor Clinton a veteran sports journalist says his main mandate is to make the game of exports a household name in Nigeria  We’re working with schools, colleges and other educational establishments to embrace exports and create some inspiring events and activities. Increase its level of awareness, improve standards and inspire future talent in the development of the Video games across Nigeria Our professional esports are ranging from play station 2,3 and 4 categories and are capable of participating in any major competition anywhere in the world . As a national body, our aims are to support esports and provide expertise and advice. We are focused on the grassroots level of esports. We have started competing to have the best esports players who will represent us in the upcoming 11th esports world championship in Korea in December. 2019. The chairman advised the general public to embrace the game of esports as its now amajor source of income in the universe. The esports Abuja Association is also seeking for partnership with the International Esports Federation and esports industry in the area of promoting the game of esports in Abuja. The esports should encourage the game in Abuja Nigeria as most players are yet to identify because of lack from the international esports bodies. The global Esports industry should also as a matter of fact take the advantages of the virgin land opportunity in Nigeria to move the game of Esports ahead.

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